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Metatrader to Amibroker Tick Charts using DDE universal plugin

Here is a very simple solution to get Realtime Tick Charts in Amibroker using Metatrader DDE Server.

Software Requirements :

Amibroker , Metatrader 4

Steps to Get Realtime Tick Charts in Amibroker

1)Open Metatrader 4

2)Goto Tools->Options->Server and Check Enable DDE Server option this will enable Metatrader to export it quotes in realtime format to another software (DDE listener)

MT4 to Amibroker

3)Now OpenAmibroker

4)Goto File->New->Database

5)Enter the Database Name and click on the CREATE button. This will create a new database.

6)Set the BASE TIME INTERVAL to tick and press ok.

7)In Amibroker goto File->Database Settings.

8)Select Data Source as DDE Universal Plugin.

MT4 to Amibroker tick by tick real time data

9)Now Click on configure and now do the DDE Configuration settings as shown below.

Realtime tick by tick data from metatrader to amibroker

10)After the DDE Configuration Settings. you will see a yellow WAIT signal at the bottom of the status bar in amibroker.

11)In Amibroker goto Symbol->New and type the New symbol as same as in metatrader for ex : EURUSD

12)Now you will notice that yellow WAIT signal status changed to green CONN status.

13) Tick charts will be coming to amibroker in realtime from MT4 DDE Server.

Tested in : Windows 8
The main drawback of this Universal DDE plugin is it doesn't supports backfill. 


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