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Now2Ami - realtime datafeed to AmiBroker from the NOW terminal

Now2Ami - realtime datafeed to AmiBroker from the NOW terminal

This utility extracts intraday quotes from the market watch of NOW terminals in real time, and datafeeds the price quotes / volume (or OHLCV) to AmiBroker. The NSE NOW terminal provides live quotes for Equities, F&O, and currency scrips of National Stock Exchange, India.

Now2Ami can also backfill M1 (1 minute) stock prices for the current day, and for the last 15 to 20 days using Nest Plus.

The program aims to fill the need for those desiring better graphing and analysis abilities than available in NOW or Nest Plus, and preferring the use of AFL scripting features in AmiBroker. While graphs update real time, the stored database can optionally be aggregated to 1 minute OHLC intervals (to keep database size smaller) or fed as 'tick' data (more correctly, snapshot data) suitable for volume or range bars.

This data feeder is suitable for those who are looking for live updates of NSE stock quotes based on what is available in your trading terminal, and not on what is stored and retrieved from a server. An alternate feeder for NSE realtime quotes (and MCX as well) is Nest2Ami.


Version 0.84 (May 2013) adds

ability to backfill in parallel with capture.
symbol translation in Settings to enable automatic renaming of symbols. For example, the symbol for current month NIFTY would be NIFTY_1 if using the Symbol_N renaming option.
Earlier versions had implemented
Now2Ami, Realtime,Data,to,Amibroker

adjustments to work with NOW 1.8.x.
Nest Plus backfill that provides historical quotes for a larger number of days.
ability to (optionally) capture tick / snapshot data.
selectable column capture such as Open Interest, ATP, or TBQ / TSQ.
Hardware / Software / OS requirements

Works with various versions of NOW (version 1.6.0 or 1.7 or 1.8 is assumed). AmiBroker version 5.2 or later is assumed (the free version does not save data). A subscription to Nest Starter Pack version 1.3 or 1.4 or 1.5 (earlier free upto Mar 2013, and now extended) is required for Plus backfill

Requires a minimum of XP SP3 (XP SP2 is no longer supported, and users will have to upgrade). Uses .Net Runtime 3.5 with SP1. Available from this link on the Microsoft website. It has not been tested on 64-bit machines (though users have reported successful usage).


The version you use may have limitations, e.g. number of symbols that can be captured, or expiry date of software.
May require administrator permission to run successfully.
Read the help file for more information.

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